Facebook Profiles, Pages, and Groups: What’s the Difference?


There is a lot of confusion about the differences between Facebook Profiles, Pages, and Groups. In this article we’ll try to shine some light on what the differences are and how each should be used. Facebook Profiles, Pages, and Groups are all features that allow people to stay connected with everything that matters in their lives – including friends, businesses, celebrities, and interests.

Facebook Profile

Think of a Facebook Profile as your personal page that gives a quick summary about you. It has information about YOU (where you went to school, where you work, what your favourite books are, and such). It’s also a place to post your status and a status can express what you are doing, thinking, feeling, etc.

You can add as much or as little information as you like. But the more you can add to your Facebook profile, the more others will feel they have a sense of who you are.

Remember, Facebook profiles are meant to be a representation of you as an individual.

Facebook Page

A Facebook Page is similar to a Facebook profile; however, they allow public figures, businesses, organisations, and other entities to create a public presence on Facebook. These pages are public to everyone on Facebook, and by liking these pages, you will then receive updates on your News Feed about them.

Facebook Pages are designed to be the official pages for business, organisations, celebrities/public figures, TV Shows, and so on.

When making a Facebook Page, you will have to choose what category your page best fits into. The options are local businesses, companies, organisations or institutions, brands or products, artists, bands or public figures, entertainment, and cause or community.

Facebook Groups

While Facebook Pages are designed to be the official page for public entities, Facebook Groups are designed for people with common interests and opinions to connect in a smaller forum. Groups allow Facebook users to come together and share content that is related to their interests.

Anybody who creates a group can decide whether to make the group public for anyone to join, require admin approval for members to join, or make a group private by invitation only.

Overall, a Facebook Group is a place for anybody with strong interests and opinions to connect with similar individuals. Facebook Groups are also becoming increasingly popular as a tool to buy, swap, and sell items with other individuals. Like a Group, anyone is allowed to make a Facebook Page; however, fan-culture and discussion are not appropriate in Facebook Pages, as these profiles are meant for official entities only. Facebook Pages are seen as a strong vehicle for getting out a marketing message, rather than a place to share interests and opinions.

When to Have a Facebook Profile, Page or Group

Everyone should have an individual Facebook Profile; it’s the essential building block of what Facebook is about. You need it in order to create a Facebook Page or Group. If you would like to get friends together to share content and posts, you should create or follow a group. But if you would like to promote your brand or keep up with your favourite celebrity or business, you should create or like a page.

Together, Facebook Profiles, Pages, and Groups bring users more ways to stay connected on Facebook, and will only continue to do so as more people join the social network.